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Finding the right financial advice for expats is the key to securing a happy and prosperous financial future

Moving abroad and living as an expat in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong or Australia, to name a few, is a life-changing decision. Leaving your home behind for such a move means you’ll need well-planned asset management to cover your needs. Experienced financial advice is the type of knowledge that you should invest in to improve your finances and live the expat life you deserve.

Sometimes a lack of knowledge, experience or time prevent us from making the right financial decisions. Your financial goals shouldn’t be put on the back burner as your needs are constantly growing, especially when living as an expat. It’s time to take control of your financial future, and that’s where seeking financial planning advice from an independent financial advisor comes in. Ultimately, preparation is everything so that you don’t make any financial planning mistakes.

Why is financial planning important?

Financial planning is the process of developing a financial plan that involves setting objectives, determining how to achieve them, and acting when the conditions are most favourable. Whether it is about your investment portfolio, retirement planning, taking out insurance or tax advice, financial planning is a key element to succeeding in your financial future.

For a plan to succeed, we need to identify our goals and use existing resources in the best possible way to achieve them. Financial planning is no exception to this rule.

How to create a financial plan

Living and working away from home can be tough for expats. Building a solid financial plan tackles the financial implications and concerns for you and your family. But how can you create a financial plan that improves your financial position whilst relieving you from stress and uncertainty?

Sound financial advice is imperative if you want to raise the chances of your financial plan’s success. Working with fully qualified financial advisers is key when it comes to making the right investment decisions. Financial advisers can suggest attractive investment opportunities and a wide array of other financial products that could improve your standard of living.

Advisory services include a personal financial review – these are essential to identifying your needs and helping in using available resources in the best way possible. A financial review allows your financial adviser to suggest efficient investment practices and the best ways to allocate your assets that are in line with your plans and goals for you and your family.

What is a financial review?

A financial review is a thorough analysis of your financial outgoings that is performed by a professional. Just like your car requires a key to start, a financial review is the key to putting a financial plan in motion. Building and executing a comprehensive financial plan requires a personal financial review. A review of your financial situation is a valuable process that you can use to improve the accuracy of your financial planning.

Your financial adviser can help you in conducting a financial review. The review is even more important for expat families living around the world, as they might have assets scattered across various countries. It’s essential to be informed of all aspects of your financial situation in order to put a solid plan in place.

Your financial review is more like an interview between you and your financial adviser. As wealth management and investment planning can be a complicated process, it is always best to clarify details and get expert guidance. The review is split into categories:


A detailed fund analysis is integral to the plan, as your adviser should know how much you earn and how much you spend each month and each year. Expat clients sometimes have income from various sources generated in different regions. Currency exchange rates can affect your worldwide income so your consultant should consider currency risks before designing your financial plan.


Sharing the specifics of your investment portfolio with your adviser is a critical step in developing a sound financial strategy for you. Bank deposits, passive income, savings plans, pension pots, property investment portfolios or any other such type of investment should be added to a comprehensive list that helps strengthen your investment plan and build wealth over time.

Retirement plan

A significant part of a financial review is related to retirement planning. Getting the right retirement advice requires your adviser to have a clear picture of your retirement goals. Your financial consultant should know everything about your pension pots and how much you have invested in various pension schemes. A pension transfer could be an option you haven’t considered that your adviser could assist you with further.


Insurance policies are a significant component of a financial review. Your financial adviser should be aware of which policies are appropriate for inclusion in a new financial plan and which policies should be modified to meet your budget requirements better. Insurance includes a wide range of financial products that could reduce your taxable income.

How to choose a financial adviser

The financial market is full of financial services providers that promise top-notch investment solutions with low product fees and unrivalled expert guidance.

However, the devil is in the details. Expats should be seeking providers who can offer qualified advice to clients depending on their budgets and goals. Choosing the right financial adviser to manage your wealth is not a difficult task when you put your trust in an independent investment advisory firm with over 20 years of presence in the global market, such as Holborn Assets.


You should only hire the best financial advisers. We invest in our advisers’ education as we believe that having the necessary knowledge is key to identifying the best solutions for our clients. All of our financial advisers hold at least the Level-4 certification issued by the UK’s Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (CISI).

Wealth expertise

One of your main principles should be hiring the most experienced financial adviser the market has to offer. We believe that our combination of experience and talent can only enhance the performance of advisers, thus benefitting our expat clients around the globe.


When scanning the internet, you may find numerous complaints about hidden fees and charges that hadn’t been anticipated or calculated in advance. Your Holborn adviser is obliged to explain the services fees and costs involved whilst answering every question you might have honestly and transparently.

Online platform with access to your portfolio

Portfolio management requires fast thinking and quick reactions. Monitoring performance in real-time is an option that cutting-edge technology offers. Holborn provides an easy-to-use online platform to clients, giving them instant access to valuable information.


Regulatory bodies have strengthened their grip on financial services providers to minimise investor risks. One of our core values is the protection of our expat clients, so we constantly improve the level of offered financial services and only partner with fully regulated financial institutions.

Design a comprehensive investment plan with Holborn

Holborn offers expert financial planning services to expats around the world. With more than 20 years in the market, our client network exceeds 20,000 people who have put their trust in Holborn to manage over $2billion of their assets. Our fully qualified advisers, highest-quality customer service and our dedication to our clients can make a notable difference in every expat’s financial life.

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